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Need to freshen up the exterior of your home, but you’re not sure how? Uncertain of options to brighten old aluminum or vinyl siding that have seen better days?

Over time, your siding can fade with exposure to the elements, leaving the color dull and uneven. We can bring new life to your existing aluminum or vinyl siding with paint. Using products specially formulated for use on aluminum and vinyl siding, we can ensure a quality application and long-lasting results.

Even better, painting opens you to a variety of color options to customize your home.

Painting Aluminum Siding

In order to get the best finished product, we begin with a thorough exterior cleaning to remove any chalkiness and dirt from the siding.

Once the surface is clean and dry, we’ll apply an acrylic primer, and follow up with two coats of acrylic house paint.

Proper surface preparation will ensure a quality finish that will last for years to come.

Painting Vinyl Siding

As with the aluminum siding, our first step is to wash the exterior of the home to begin with a clean palette.

Next, we’ll use a high-quality acrylic primer (it’s important to steer clear of oil primers on vinyl), and finish the job with specially formulated acrylic house paint from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. In the past, there were limitations to painting vinyl siding, as using a dark color over a lighter color can cause warping and buckling. These new formulations give homeowners more choices and better results.

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