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Concrete floor coatings do more than add a splash of color to a garage or other high-traffic area. They also provide durable protection against wear and tear, as well as added texture to help prevent slips and falls. As a certified dealer of Penntek Concrete Coating systems, Incredible Concrete Coatings, a division of George Apap Painting, is your go-to source for one of the best and most effective choices on the market. Read on to learn how this product will benefit you.

What is the Penntek System?

Developed by contractors for contractors, Penntek’s products are among the most innovative industrial and commercial coatings in the industry. Consisting of advanced polyurea and polyaspartic components and available in a variety of colors and styles, they protect, enhance and beautify concrete surfaces. Great for garage floors, bathrooms, basement floors, maintenance facilities, automotive shops, dog kennels, industrial shop floors, wastewater treatment facilities, sidewalks, walkways, patios, pool decks and more.

Evolution System — Mixed with vinyl flakes in multiple color schemes, this product creates a granite-style appearance with an orange-peel texture. Its durability and chemical resistance make it a great choice for garages, vehicle showrooms, production facilities, service areas and other applications. It also features exceptional adhesion, rapid curing, extreme flexibility and Zero VOC’s making it the most popular systems available.

How Is It Applied?

We are experts in the application of these and many other coatings. Our trained and experienced employees have the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure they will provide the protection and aesthetics your space requires. Here is what we will do for you:

  1. Preparing the surface — We use the latest grinding and dust collection technology to make your floor as smooth as possible. This ensures the coating will fully adhere to the surface without imperfections.
  2. Repairing — Any cracks or pitted areas in the concrete will be filled and sanded smooth with CR Mender.
  3. Basecoat — Using careful, even distribution, we expertly spread the basecoat onto the floor.
  4. Broadcasting — Vinyl flakes of your choice are broadcasted over the floor once the basecoat if applied.
  5. Scraping — After the initial coat has cured, any excess flakes are scraped and vacuumed up
  6. Topcoat — We squeegee on the polyaspartic top coat which is extremely durable, chemical resistant and UV stable.

Why Choose Us?

Penntek’s products are more than just concrete paint and we are more than just a painting contractor. We are fully certified with the manufacturer, so we know this system inside and out. When you choose us to apply them to your floors, you’ll receive the most knowledgeable service found anywhere. We stand behind our work, which is backed by a 15-year warranty and three generations of family leadership.

In everything we do, there is one constant — we’re dedicated to providing exactly what you want. Contact us today to find out how we can put this dedication and expertise to work for you, or to request an estimate.

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