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Are you looking for a gentle, effective way to clean your roof?

While the benefits of roof cleaning are clear, your search for the best products and technique might not feel quite as cut and dry.

Many roof cleaners suggest simply power washing the surface. This might get the job done, but you also run a substantial risk of damaging your roof’s soft substrate. Water intrusion can also pose a threat, particularly if you have a soffit-to-ridge ventilation system in place.

Our team at George Apap Painting offers a better, safer, more effective solution: the soft wash.

Why Is Soft Wash the Best Option for Cleaning Your Roof?

Soft wash relies on the power of the cleaners and process rather than the sheer water pressure alone.

What can you expect during the process?

  • We begin by completely protecting your landscaping and plants

  • A powerful cleaning solution is then applied, one that cuts right to the root of your roof’s contaminants with mildewcides, algaecides, and surfactants

  • Finally, using no more pressure than a typical garden hose, we wash away the cleaner to reveal your totally clean roof surface

You Can Confidently Choose George Apap Painting for Your Roof Cleaning Needs

  • Our Soft Wash system is gentle but powerful

  • We take the time to protect your home and the surrounding area

  • Our Soft Wash techniques will allow your roof system to last longer and perform as it should

  • Routine cleaning protects your investments while enhancing curb appeal and marketability

Is Soft Wash Only for Your Roof?

No! There are numerous surfaces around your home that will directly benefit from the Soft Wash system. We invite you to take a look here to learn more!

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