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It may not be used quite as often in today’s construction, but there is a lot to love and appreciate about plaster. Its strength, acoustic qualities, and resistance to mold made it a staple of the American home for a long, long time.

Plaster may be beautiful and practical, but it does require a skilled, almost artistic hand for a flawless application. In the 1950s, it was replaced by drywall in new construction due to the comparative ease of installation.

If your home in Westchester, Fairfield, Dutchess, or Putnam County contains plaster, you likely already know how hard it can be to find a painter with the plaster skills you need. We can help.

Common Signs That You Need Plaster Repair and Painting Services

Blemishes in your plaster wall need to be addressed immediately, otherwise you are opening the door to larger-scale complications.

Common plaster issues include:

  • Cracks - As your home shifts and settles, cracks can and will form in brittle plaster walls.
  • Water Damage - Any degree of moisture intrusion needs to be immediately addressed, repaired at the source, and the plaster must be thoroughly repaired as well.

  • Damage Analysis - A skilled painting contractor can determine whether your plaster is damaged on the surface, or if there is an underlying structural problem that needs attention.

Vigilance is key, as is trusting your home to an experienced, reputable painting company. Here at George Apap Painting, we specialize in true craftsmanship, refined over 90 years of local service. Our expert paint technicians can protect and enhance your beautiful plaster surfaces, from seamless repairs to the final topcoat.

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