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Winter Garages in ONE DAY! ❄️

Winter Garages in ONE DAY! ❄️

It’s a common misconception that homes located in northern climates are unable to get a new garage floor coating in the winter. WRONG.


With a polyaspartic floor coating, you have a lot more flexibility in terms of when it can be used. Its year-round usability is just one of several advantages that polyaspartic coatings have over epoxy coatings. Polyurea can be applied in much colder temperatures than epoxy and provide for even better protection.

Built with three layers for lasting strength, our chip system is a popular non-slip choice for garage floors. Protect your flooring from moisture, stains, grease & cracks this winter. Save your floor from the ravages of road salt.


This system is made of 100% polyurea solids to give it superior durability, including chemical and abrasion resistance and UV stability. Best of all, its vinyl chips can be custom-blended into nearly any color you’d like.


What are the benefits of one day garage floor coating?

🎨 Custom Appearance: Choose a color that complements the style of your home.

👷 Enhanced Safety: The unique orange-peel texture and anti-skid surface options provide added protection against slips and falls.

💪 Extreme Durability: Resistant to chemicals, abrasions, and impact.

🕒 Fast Installation: We know your time is valuable, so our certified installers can get your garage floor coating ready for use in just 24 hours.


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