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Generations of Expert Painting

Generations of Expert Painting

“Behind the success of every small business, there is family.”

Years of History & Experience

And this is true when it comes to George Apap Painting. Almost 90 years ago, Charles Apap came to this country from Malta. His first job was that of a painter's apprentice. Three generations later, the Apap family is still passionate about painting homes.

The Tradition Continues

The tradition continues with Daniel (George’s son) and Matt & Mark (George & Steve’s nephews). Learn more about the next generation of painters and what they are doing now to contribute to this historic family legacy.

We first asked George Apap how he felt about his son, Daniel, now working and learning the tricks of the trade.

In the Family

“It’s a honor for me to pass down my knowledge to my son. My father taught me and his father taught him the craft of painting. Painting is something I love for a lot of reasons and I actually enjoy doing it. I’m also passionate about giving our customers the right service every time. I feel that I have a incredible reputation and I have to live up to it every day. I want Daniel to learn the craft and just as important I want him to learn what it takes to satisfy the customers on all levels and that goes far beyond cutting a straight line.”


Following In Dad’s Footsteps

“I am neutral about my feelings for him continuing in my footsteps. I feel it’s very important for each of us to make their own decisions and not feel pressure that I’m doing something because our parents want to do it. He has plenty of time to make decisions like that.

Regardless of what he does, I do very much want him do you have a mastery of the craft. He can choose to use it in his career or not but it’s always good to know how to paint. I especially want him to learn the other necessary people skills that go into running a business. Those skills are vital for success in any field.


Choosing a Path

“I sympathize with him because when I was his age, I was dragged to work instead of play and honestly didn’t like it very much. I wasn’t good at all and I mostly only did preparation. In eight hour work day seems like a cruel eternity. But by the time I finished high school I was quite good and once I finished college, I was as skilled as some of the best craftsman. I had thought of going into the military or law-enforcement but my mother had just passed and my father very much needed me in the field. I have absolutely no regrets about that- everything works out. Daniel will choose this path and hopefully for his own reasons.”


Father & Son: Memories

“Since he was very small I have let him help me with projects around the house and around the shop. But now he’s bigger so he can take on larger projects by himself. I give him instructions then I let him do it. I try to jump in and work with him along the way. Partially because I want him to learn all the little nuances of certain things but mostly because we’re building memories.”


We asked Steve Apap also how he felt about his nephews, Matt & Mark, also contributing to the family business.


In the Family

“I’m proud & excited to keep the 3 generations of painting knowledge in the family.”

Do you see yourself in them & their love of painting?

“Yes, I see they have the same ambition & strive for excellence as we do.”


What do you hope for them to learn in this process?

“I hope they learn the value of the dollar and the satisfaction that comes when working hard.”

How does the rest of your family feel?

“Our sister likes to see her boys taking after our grandfather and father.”


Family Memories

“As young boys they helped paint our upstate family home. I enjoyed working side by side with them during of the preparation process and watching them learn and a feeling of accomplishment when it was finished.”

Generations of Expert Painting

It's amazing to see these young boys grow into men and watch the family traditions continue through their eyes. Not only do they learn from us, we can learn from them as well.


Our Key To Success

The key to our success is simple: we give the customers what they want. Our painting business has prospered as a result of our ability to deliver superior service, extra attention to detail, and a dedicated staff.

Our employees undergo monthly in-house training in safety, customer service, and faux finishing techniques, as well as updates on the latest painting trade innovations and materials. As you can see, we have years of experience.


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