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Home & Carriage House Repainting in Quaker Hill

One of our recent projects was to repaint a home in Quaker Hill in Pawling. It took two weeks to paint the house and the carriage house. It has not been painted inside or out since George Apap Sr. painted it in 1985. 

HPM, our carpentry company, helped with repair of rotten wood as well as replacing the front door. This project required proper EPA lead containment procedures during the preparation. Projects take a little longer when there is lead involved since we have to deal with the lead properly and adhere to the lead removal laws, so the cost of the project was approximately $16,000.

Paint Used

We painted all surfaces with Sherwin Williams A-100® Oil Primer and Sherwin Williams Duration® White Satin Finish.

 Before:                                                                      After:

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