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Welcome Home: Easy Steps to Front Door Maintenance

Welcome Home: Easy Steps to Front Door Maintenance

You may not pay much attention to your front door, but you should. It's the one piece of your home that welcomes visitors and sends them on their way. If your front door is stained or vanished, it may have seen better days.

"Nothing looks better than a new front door with a beautiful stained finish," says George J. Apap, president and owner of George Apap Painting. "The problem is in as little as one or two years, the finish can begin to deteriorate. Wait five years and that beautiful door can look so bad that you begin questioning everything made of wood."

We see it all the time.

Did you know that your front door probably came with a maintenance schedule to help keep it looking its best? Most homeowners don't. If your front door gets direct sunlight, it's probably deteriorating even faster.

"Many finishes quickly break down when exposed to UV light," Apap says. "Unfortunately usually by the time I get involved no one can remember where the door came from or what is on it. Actually the doors are usually so deteriorated that it wouldn't matter anyway. There is hope."

Apap recommends the following steps to keeping your front door looking great:

1. Strip and clean. Properly preparing the door before any new treatment is important. Doing so rids the door of any dirt and old stain residue, and readies it for its new look.

2. Stain. "There are many products on the market, but we have had the best luck with Sikkens door and window stain for most applications," Apap continues. "It comes in a variety of wood-tone colors and builds a rich durable finish that holds up to the elements."

3. Repeat regularly. "Remember to keep after it with a maintenance coat every two or three years and that door will look great all the time."

If you need help stripping and staining your front door, contact us at George Apap Painting, Inc. We're happy to make your front door the welcoming image of your home that it should be. 

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