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Dry Wall Repair

Dry Wall Repair

Our crew leader, Ken, had to deal with a crack recently and this blog will give you some insight on the process step-by-step from patching, priming & painting. 


Stress cracks and nail pops are common occurrences on drywall surfaces. Usually these are caused by a slight shifting in the homes framing which is related to changes in the seasons. 


For minor nail pops the solution can be as simple as recessing the nail or screw head and spackling the surface. 


However, for more advanced nail pops it may be necessary to actually remove the bulging screw and refasten the drywall with new screws, then smooth the area.


Stress cracks are most commonly repaired with a nylon reinforced mesh tape and multiple layers of compound to and strength and smooth the repair. Open cracks requires a wide repair that spans 18-24 inches to adequately level the patch. 


If strength is required for a more aggressive crack, then we may need to use two layers of fiber mesh and a powdered compound derived from plaster and possibly even incorporating  “plaster weld" or similar products for strength and flexibility. 

Many of the plaster-based compounds also have the added advantage of speedy drying which can allow for the repair to be completed in only one day! 

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