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Chemical Stripping in Bronxville, NY

We have recently been working on Alden Place, a co-op in Bronxville. As a 100-year-old building, these entryways had dozens of layers of paint with lead. 

Our Process

To safely remove the lead paint, we:

  1. Chemically stripped the paint with Peel Away® 1.
  2. Restored the damaged and rotten wood.
  3. Primed with an oil primer.
  4. Finished with 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Regal Select acrylic trim paint. 

Lead-removal projects can be challenging because they require establishing lead-containment, which can be difficult to do in busy areas. We also painted the two sides of the building along with the front entries. We had already stained the front doors a few years ago with Sikkens window and door stain. 

This was just the first phase of a two-year project. We will be continuing work at Alden place next year. 

Below are some photos of the project process:

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