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Benefits of Interior Winter Painting ❄️

Benefits of Interior Winter Painting ❄️

There are several benefits as to why it's ideal to paint in the winter season. Here are some excellent reasons why you should consider hiring a professional painting company like G.A.P. to paint your home interior this winter.

Deals: Less Pricy in Colder Months

Spring & summer quotes and projects are in high demand, however, wintertime is our slower season. It's a great time to take advantage of deals offered during this timeframe rather than prices during the peak season. (Like this promo on NOW from George Apap Painting!)


Flexibility: More Slots Available

During the slower season, we can better adhere to whatever fits with your calendar.

Not to mention, additional manpower can be scheduled much more easily during the slow season, as well. More painters = getting the project done faster! And since the sun rises earlier in the winter, we can get to work on your project earlier in the day, leaving your evenings free to spend quality time with family & relaxing.


Mood Booster:

Adding a bold/bright color to your walls can be a quick cure for your winter blues. Show it off with friends or family over. New interior paint is an instant mood-booster for all! Plus, a great time for makeovers in general- a pop of color just in time for spring coming up.


Valentine's Day Gift Opportunity:

Especially if your loved one is dropping hints and wanting to re-do one of the interior rooms in your home. Ideas on how to gift:

-Schedule a free consultation (maybe even make it a surprise)

-Gift a digital render of the room that will be painted - aka what it will look like in the color desired.

-Schedule a paint job when they aren't home if you know the color they really want. It will be a great surprise walking in from a long day of work.

-Put the painting contract in a card. (Way better than a gift card!)


Cold, Dry Air vs Humidity

Did you know that the more humidity your house endures in the summer, the longer it will take for your interior paint to dry. But when the air becomes dry and colder, paint will cure noticeably faster – which means a faster interior paint job. Winter is the best time!


Home Value Goes UP!

If you are planning to sell your home, many home sellers are likely waiting until spring to enter the market. Sell your home for more money by adding a fresh coat of paint on your bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room or bedroom walls can help hook buyers in.


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