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Back to Basics: Neutral Tones

Back to Basics: Neutral Tones

So what exactly is a neutral tone? 

Neutral colors have many advantages as a paint color choice for interiors of your home. They are colors which are livable, flexible, and classic. These hues are ideal for those who are unsure of daring color choices; it’s the safe choice. You know with neutral there will always be balance AND it’ll look clean.

Why is this such a popular & optimal choice? You can have fun! Choose bold décor pieces or you can visually balance a strong accent wall. You can still add color to a room even with a neutral tone. 

According to Behr, the traditional definition of a neutral was a color, which didn’t fall into any of the standard color families typically associated with the “color wheel.” These included the gray, brown, and white families. Color such as taupes, off-whites and light grays lack definitive color and therefore have little-to-no risk of creating discord with your current furnishings or color schemes. These subtle “no-color” colors could also easily support bright, deep, or subtle accents, making them virtually foolproof.

Popular for being timeless, neutral colors are a wonderful choice for the exterior of your home. Just as in your interior, neutrals are exceptional colors for the exterior of your home. They transcend style and harmonize effortlessly with brighter colors. They can blend into a neighborhood color scheme, or create tasteful distinction. 

Photo By: Behr 

Neutrals also coordinate with virtually every color, working as either a main or accent color. The pro of neutrals is they are easy to use and allow you the freedom to add other colors, patterns, and textures to your space, making your decorating choices almost endless. Having trouble deciding? Ask us about our free color consulting service. 

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