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1 Day Garage Floor Process by Incredible Concrete Coatings

1 Day Garage Floor Process by Incredible Concrete Coatings

George Apap Painting has another division, Incredible Concrete Coatings, that specializes in one-day-garage floor installation.

Your cars, your motorcycle, your tools or any other supplies your store in your garage just need to be out for ONE day. We pride ourselves that we can get the job done & FAST- especially when compared to other flooring systems that take multiple days.


The value is undisputed. Our Penntek product performance is 4x's stronger than epoxy, it will NOT chip or peel, true 1-day install time, a residential warranty, it's easy to clean AND 100% antibacterial & antimicrobial.

Our process is simple and delivers amazing results. Let us walk you through the process.

Step 1: Diamond Grinding aka Shot Blasting

This process opens up millions of minuscule pores in the surface. Don't worry about a mess. Dust is minimized by having all grinders hooked up to vacuum systems and we are sure to suck up any lose debris before working on repairing on any cracks.


Step 2: Priming Coat is blended and rolled onto those tiny pores created in Step 1, aka the diamond grinding.


We also identify & treat all surface cracks & apply a base coat across the entire concrete surface. This ensures long life & protection.

Step 3: Broadcasting of Chips

Our crew will broadcast chips onto the base coat to design the look/style you you've selected and also create a slip-resistant surface. *PS- check out our special shoes to not disturb the process.


Step 4: Clear Coat

After this dries, the floor will be ready to be scraped. We'll gather the scraped chips & vacuum to remove any loose or vertical standing flakes. Finally we rolled out the UV stable polyaspartic clear coat. This creates a shine that's waterproof AND resistant to oil/grease.


Finally, enjoy your beautiful new garage floor. We are more than happy to provide a free estimate and go over our financing options with you.

GreenSky Financing-we have two plans to pick from:

✅No Payments & No Interest for 6 months

✅No Payments & No Interest for 12 months


Call today: (845) 878-3444 *We provide this surface year round, including winter. Book now & trust our certified professionals to do a beautiful job.

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